Landscape, Mexico City, Mexico

EDAA Scope: design, construction
Area: 81 m2 (872 sqft)
Design team: Luis Arturo García, Jahir Villanueva, Juan Hernández
Consultants: Moebious Design (cost engineering)
Client: private

In the realm of Roofs, treated as service areas and storage of the unused, its shift into livable and leisure spaces, presents not only challenges, yet vast opportunities for exploring our relationship with the fifth facade and its surrounding views.

With a simple gesture, Roof Garden Puebla encircles itself. It uses simple materials and allows vegetation to grow naturally. Shades, freshness, vegetation and intimacy are achieved through the use of a simple and dynamic geometry.

San José Insurgentes Mexico City, Mexico | info@edaa.mx, +52 (55) 5211 8394