Mixed use (Intercontinental Hotel, executive suite, residential), Yerevan, Armenia

EDAA Scope: conceptual design, master plan
Area: 9500 m2 (2.35 acres)
Site Area: 41,400 m2 (10.23 acres)
Design team: Luis Arturo García in collaboration with 128 Arquitectura and Diseño Urbano S.C.
Credits: Sculpture by Yvonne Domenge
Client: private

The urban geometry of Yerevan is the inspirational motif for this proposal. The structure’s façade is meant to depict the region’s complex and contrasting layers of history. It is set to be overlooking Yerevan, and Yerevan looking back at it. The tower’s privileged location within the city positions it as a 21st century urban icon. Our proposal was to be Yerevan’s new jewel. Pure geometry: an abstract plane floating above the city. It is not a building that is proposed, but a luminous abstract piece lacking volume. This urban art piece is to be located at the auction of Teryan Street. It venerates the city’s history and is eager to blend into Mount Ararat’s breathtaking scenario.

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