Residential, Independencia, Mexico City, 2016

EDAA Scope: design, advertising, architectural development, construction supervision
GARBA Scope : real estate development, sales and marketing

Design Team: Luis Arturo García, Juan Hernández, Hans Álvarez, Alejandra Avalos

Consultants: PBS Ingenieros, MS, Bimsa Reports, EMR, Alejandro García Lara
Client: GARBA

Zempoala 538 is the result of a careful design process meant to build four houses in four levels and one basement. The main challenges were the reduced size of the property (6 m. in the front x 25 m. deep) and the instability of the land, coupled with restrictive construction and land use laws. The end product is a slim and light building. The apartments capitalize on their space: double heights, terraces, balconies, a garden and a roof-terrace. It is an alternative housing concept where open spaces thrive and only the bathrooms are closed. Also, the choice of materials is simple and long lasting.

San José Insurgentes Mexico City, Mexico | info@edaa.mx, +52 (55) 5211 8394