Mixed use, Roma Norte, Mexico City, 2015

EDAA Scope: master plan, architectural development
Area: 300 m² (3,299 sqft)
Site area: 44 m² (1,550 sqft)
Design team: Luis Arturo García
Client: private

In the aftermath of the 1985 Mexico City earthquake, many parts of the city were devastated and lost their unique character. Such is the case of the Roma neighborhood. This phenomenon led to an urban analysis of the neighborhood, focusing on the underutilized terrains that resulted from the tragic event. The intention was to propose an alternative function to their actual parking-lot use. The terrains’ selection and their new use had to have a positive impact on the area.

Six corner-terrains were chosen, which altogether worked as a student or short-term accommodation complex. Extruded in a 12 m. by 12 m. plot, Two Walls was intended to be the administrative and service building. The proposal seeks refuge from the outside, not at a physical but at an experience level. The building revolves around a vertical patio. The stairs revolve around a wall. The patio is the spatial bridge between the two entities. Nothing but light and people walking up and down stairs can be seen from the inside. This is about the urban boundary, physical displacement and light.

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