Research - Venice Biennale Proposal 2016, Mexico City, Mexico, 2016

EDAA scope: conceptual proposal

Design team: Luis Arturo García, Alejandra Avalos, Karina Sol


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Intermittences is an essay about the spatial possibilities in the contemporary city; it is an intermittent mutation of the public space that is amplified with the participation of private property and the social interaction. For a determined amount of time, the possession of private space will concede its use to the public, which will not only be incorporated to social conception of the public space but it will socialize it. First, because of its public characteristics and second, for the social interaction that searches the urban transformation, a feature of our own capitalist economy. Furthermore, interactions between the civil society –specifically the neighbors of the private space property–, the owners and the government, will together participate actively in the urban transformation, changing our history and timeline of design. The interests that motivate this interaction are social, political and economical. The benefit of this imminent urban-real estate transformation is now based on how and when the participating components converge.

San José Insurgentes, Mexico City, Mexico |, IG: