Ephemeral restaurant, Millesime-GNP 2017

EDAA Scope: design, installation production
YUPICA Scope: art installation
Site Area: 200 m² (2,153 sqft)

Architecture Team: Luis Arturo García, Juan Hernández, Pedro Vázquez, Fernanda Martínez, Luis Pacheco

Art Team: Yupica, Hada Nayeli Flores, Seidy Isabel Barbosa

Sound Art: ChimiJo

Client: Millesime GNP

Photography: Studio Chirika, Onnis Luque
Video: Studio Chirika

Special Thanks: Yola Flores, Eusebio Flores, Koshi Iwata, Mieko Katano

“Rapitae: 11, 154-11,151, looks out to generate an experience of the space and its relationship with the time, as part of a reflection about the distances between the perception time and the magnitud time in the nature, two notions that are condensed through the experience of the public as a visitor.” –Yupica

In the dining room, designed for Millesime, Luis Arturo García (EDAA) comes back to the most elemental of the civilization: the food as materia prima. 

Society challenges can be resumed as our triumph over nature; to use the most basic elements to create something that transcends it own existence, which overcomes its instrumentality. The grain of rice, element which Yupica has worked with along his projects, synthesizes this transcendence: one of the most basic elements in the food chain, with a big cultural charge, is destitute from its original purpose in order to become a defusing material of light and design; the individual qualities of each grain generates then a symbolic effect. 

“As Yupica transposes the food to the vision field, the chef transcends as well by converting the basic food into an experience element, sometimes charged with symbolic characteristics. Luis Arturo García does not design a restaurant, but creates an intimate common space for enjoyment, where the culinary, light and sound practices are the protagonists. Along with sustainability, the chosen materials for the space will end in other less ludic activities: construction.” –Luis Arturo García 

San José Insurgentes Mexico City, Mexico |, +52 (55) 5211 8394