Modular furniture, Mexico City, Mexico, 2022

Events, galleries and exhibitions where it has been presented:
2024. Art Week 2024 Mexico City. No Se Vende by Casa Miami, Galería Errante, and Alratito Studio. Mexico City, Mexico.
2023. Dancing Meridians by Alratito Studio y Polina Stroganova. Mexico City, Mexico.
2023. Art Week 2023 Mexico City. Lo Sublime by Alratito Studio. Mexico City, Mexico.
2023. Habitat Expo 2023. EDAA+Firenze Pavillon. WTC, Mexico City, Mexico.
2022. Design Week 2022. Inédito in Espacio CDMX. Mexico City, Mexico.
2022. Zona MACO Contemporary Art 2022 by Heart Ego and Strata. Mexico City, Mexico.
2022. Art Week 2022 Mexico City. Objetos Arquitectónicos by Capitales Gallery. Mexico City, Mexico.

Design team: Luis Arturo García, Juan Hernández
Supervision and logistics: Hans Álvarez
Manufacturing: Hugo Hernández, Manuel Espindola
Transportation: Oficina Cobalto
Photography: Christian Morales, Gabriela Cardona, Hans Álvarez, Jaime Navarro Soto, Sergio López, Studio Chirika

Wood is transformed into an art object.

Antracita exhibits the natural traits of wood before its possibilities as a raw material. It is an ever-changing object based on a wood module that can be arranged and repeated in infinite possibilities to create forms and landscapes, and utilitarian objects. The arrangements created by this repeating module lead to a dialectic between the inert condition of the material and its subtle way of implying perpetual motion.

The raw wood undergoes a manual woodworking process, rectifying each piece, making geometric cuts, and carving its assemblies in order to be subjected to a finishing process with fire using the ancestral Japanese technique called Shou Sugi Ban.

Antracita, as an art object, seeks the convergence of wood —irregular by nature— with the manufacturing processes —always imperfect— to generate change comparable to Alchemy: where without the addition of external elements fire transforms the surface of wood into carbon while preserving its organic origin.

The versatility of wood allows for two finishing options: natural wood with a linseed oil finish, or with a charred finish.


Antracita is a modular piece of solid pine wood. 7.3 x 7.3 x h 17.8 in.
Upon request, all pieces can be customized by adding or removing Antracita modules.
Materials: solid pine wood.
Finishing options: (i) charred with the Shou Sugi Ban technique and finished with polyurethane varnish, (ii) sanded wood finished with linseed oil.

San José Insurgentes, Mexico City, Mexico |, IG: