Portfolio, projects conceptualized and developed by Luis Arturo García / EDAA, 2012

Reference Paradigms is a work portfolio representative of the projects conceptualized and developed by Luis Arturo García during his independent career.


The publication has been edited by EDAA. Luis Arturo García takes full credit for the various projects presented in this portfolio while EDAA takes credit for the work dated from 2007 to the present day.


The human experience of living is obtained through sensations and, therefore, perceptions. Perception determines our reality, our world, our social interactions and our relationship with the objects that surround us, the environment and with ourselves.

Perception is about sensual connections –the body–with the intellect–the mind–.

Architecture plays a major role in our relationship with the physical world, being that it can determine our perception of the immediate physical reality. Therefore, it becomes the task of architecture to conceive a building, not only as an object, but also as a phenomenological artifice of sensations and perceptions of the users’ experience. Both the artist and the architect have appropriated the field of perception as the most suitable means to reach the masses, captivating and approaching them into an emotion experimentation laboratory (Scardamaglia, B., 2009).

Reference Paradigms is a graphic essay of projects. Classification is not important; yet, certain common intentions are the grouping leitmotif.

Projects sharing the same typology do not necessarily share the same intentions. One house can be about urban living, while another can be about the relationship between the architectural structure and nature. Therefore, cataloging them within strict parameters would not only be vague but erroneous. Each work is singular in its expression and means of contextualization, given that situations are always unique.

Leisure as Destiny, The Pleasure of Comfort, Domestic Space as a Necessity, Urban Space as a Necessity, A Rush for Sustainability, The Urban Scene, and Graphics as Research are the different chapters/sections/intentions from which the book approaches a single or a group of projects.

There is no specific order for reading this compilation of projects.

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