Residential, Mexico City, Mexico, 2016

EDAA Scope: design, advertising, architectural development, construction supervision
GARBA Scope : real estate development, sales and marketing

Site Area: 227 m2 (2,443 sqft)

Design Team: Luis Arturo García, Juan Hernández, Hans Álvarez, Alejandra Avalos

Consultants: PBS Ingenieros, MS, Bimsa Reports, EMR, Alejandro García Lara
Client: GARBA


Taxco 25 is a proposal that dialogues with the neighborhood day-to-day life and its traditional architectures. The project begins with a Functionalist style (1940’s) house inscribed in the heritage catalogue by the National Institute of Fine Arts (INBA). The Institute solicited the volumetric features of the new construction to be based on the lines and gestures of the original house. Our proposal is a mix of a copy and abstraction process.The side vegetated corridor typology that runs from the street inward is kept.

The units are open-space dwellings with a 10.5 ft. floor to ceiling height. A range of five diverse typologies was designed in order to bring a variety of living options: a heritage house, threes studios, one two-level apartment. The entire flat roof is designed as an open terrace or roof garden.

San José Insurgentes Mexico City, Mexico |, +52 (55) 5211 8394