Installation, Design Week – Desing House 2018, Lomas de Chapultepec, Mexico City, Mexico

EDAA Scope: design, installation production
YUPICA Scope: art installation

Design Team: Luis Arturo García, Yupica, Juan Hernández, Daniel de León

Art Team: Yupica, Hada Nayeli Flores, Dante Ayala

Music: Chimijo
Light in Art : KOVA Innovación

Client: Design House 2018

Photography: Studio Chirika, Mariana Cárdenas
Video: Studio Chirika

Sponsors: Marble: Mármoles ARCA, Wood: Fine Floors, Furniture: Clásicos Mexicanos, Sound system: Sonos, Paint: Comex, Drywall: Knauf

The audio-light art installation – Co – Co – Co – Monte Líbano 930 is the origin and the end of a route that groups three spaces covered with different materials. It begins dark and transitions towards luminosity and sound clarity in an ensamble of materials, textures, light and sound. 

The intervention overlaps new materials in order to transform the spaces into simple observation and resonance boxes. In a sequence from less to more, the work explores the visual, acoustic and ornate qualities of marble, wood, paint and rice, the latter being a central raw material in the practices of the artist known as Yupica. 

The geometries and continuities of the planes create such containers where the textures and reflections are mixed to endow depth to the surfaces –literally and symbolically–. The apparent void that exists in the rooms gives direction to the principal content of the intervention: the sensorial experience of everyone who walks through.

San José Insurgentes Mexico City, Mexico |, +52 (55) 5211 8394