On-site installation, Mexico City, Mexico, 2023

Awards & Acknowledgements:
2023, Honorable Mention - Best art in public space. Golden Trezzini Awards. Russia
2023, Finalist - Ephemeral architecture. Mexican Interior Design PRISMA Prize. Mexico
2023, Finalist - Space reconversion. Premio Noldi Schreck. Mexico


EDAA scope: design, architecture development, site and construction management
Area: 20 m² (215 ft²)
Design team: Luis Arturo García, Hans Álvarez
Photography: Jaime Navarro
Client: LO SUBLIME by Alratito Studio

The various connections between subjects and objects are not exempt from continuous transparencies: materially, metaphorically and symbolically. The ceiling is both an architectural and constructive element as well as a metaphor of security and protection; always vulnerable and therefore always with gradual transparencies.
The on-site installation, in a ruined structure from the last century, reveals the ephemeral qualities of the material and its shape, the passage of time, and the permanent condition of mutability that invites us to reflect on our relationship with architecture and its material and luminous nature.

San José Insurgentes, Mexico City, Mexico |, IG: