Art pavilion, Hábitat Expo 2023, Mexico City, Mexico

EDAA scope: design, architecture development, site and construction management
Area: 18 m² (193 ft²)
Design team: Luis Arturo García, Hans Álvarez, José Martínez
Photography: Jaime Navarro
Sponsors: Firenze, Área Colectiva

The pavilion consists of wooden frames for later recovery and reuse. Light, scaffolding-like, spatially and chromatically contained, it uses the texture and tonality of the wood in contrast to the opacity of the black porcelain to create an open exhibition of EDAA's production of art-object pieces with coffee tables (Medio Cero), a bench and a totem (Antracita), as well as two resin works by Japanese artist Yupica.

San José Insurgentes, Mexico City, Mexico | info@edaa.mx, IG: edaa.mx